Our Vision:

… to be a Christ-centered church, creating an environment where anyone can come, serve, and have opportunity to change no matter their background, history, or present understanding . . .

To accomplish our vision, we have four distinct values that govern our strategy:


    • Hope – We live in a world where there is very little hope. Darkness, sin, and brokenness are everywhere. Jesus came both living and speaking hope into his world. He brought living hope to all kinds of people no matter their background – giving all humans a chance for a new beginning. The gospel of the second chance is the message we both believe and practice at Sunrise. We have hope. Sunrise will be a community of hope – celebrating our hope in Christ and giving to all hope in both word and service. We will bring light and hope to all. No one is too far gone — no sin is too ugly — no problem to big for our Master’s love.


    • Mosaic – When Christianity is at its best, it is made up of a diverse group of people. God is calling Sunrise Christian Church to be a place where all kinds of people can experience the love and power of the gospel. We will seek to attract people from all kinds of past and all kinds of stories. We want people who struggle with all kinds of sins to be able to come safely to Sunrise. People from all kinds of religious backgrounds are welcome. We want to be a people who are learning to do life together under the Lordship of Jesus.


    • Journey – Sunrise Christian Church is a group of Christ-followers in both journey and story. We are on a living journey with Christ as we seek to discover where we fit into God’s story. As a group of Christ followers, we want to find ways to grow in Jesus and not mere following some set of dogmas. We seek to find ways that help each other grow in their likeness of Jesus. We will strive to develop an atmosphere of growth, change, and acceptance. We will have the goal of helping each of us fall in love with God and growing in his word.


    • City – God has entered the neighborhood. That is what he hopes for every neighborhood in the Four corners area. God has placed Sunrise in Farmington to be light and give life to our community. He asks us to be light and bring life to the neighborhoods of our area. At Sunrise, we love our city and are seeking to find those places where God is at work. As a group of believers, we are always looking for the place where wants us to go next. We will attack the darkness head on with God’s grace and love. We will love, support, and give hope to our city. Each of us is to be the living presence of Jesus in our own individual neighborhood.