Prayer Requests

Requests from last week:
Kelly (Rose’s DIL) — having health issues; Tony (husband) — strength
for the tough time
Vernon — prayers for work schedule; that he will get rest
Ongoing Requests:
Vernon & Sandra — applying for AHA Housing
Esther — having health struggles
Mary Alice (Esther’s sister) — recovering from broken hip
Derrick Pringle (friend of Ron’s son) — going through difficult times
Andersen’s — going through a lot of difficulties
Serina — recovering from sinus surgery
Corey — wisdom and strength for current situation
Laverne & Christopher — God’s strength and sustaining power; rest &
Allan — strength in his body
Charleston family — they lost their father unexpectedly. They live in Shiprock.
Their son, Aresenio, is instrumental in working with the homeless in Shiprock.
Prayers for support for their family.
Rebecca (John Hine’s niece) – pregnant, due in May, and has lupus. Prayers for
the health of her and the baby.
Eli (Val’s husband) — having some relief from the pain in his arm,
please keep praying! He is considered disabled. Pray for employment
that will work for him.
Ron (Allan H’s brother) — dealing with cancer and poor platelet counts
Andersen family — needing prayers
Leila’s MIL — health problems
Sarah (Brandi’s sister) — thinks she was misdiagnosed with lupus. Prayers
for answers, and help to get it under control.
Nadine — stomach issues
Al ton & Rhonda — to see their need for the Lord, and to seek Him
Pearl Whitehorse (Rita’s friend) — cancer is back, and the doctors can
no longer help. Prayers for husband and children
Client & friend of Robb’s — had a stroke
Jeremiah — strength for his lungs as we go in to the winter season
Ed (Allen A’s uncle) — is using a walker now as he recovers from his
stroke. Still unable to work, and has no insurance.
Carl (Nikki’s biological dad) — has discovered he has Hep C, and is
asking Nikki about God; prayers he will hear with an open heart; prayers
for strength and wisdom for Nikki
Kevin Berry — having a tough recovery after a bad fall
Amanda — has a heavy work load this year with a full classroom &
assembling her dossier. Prayers for clear thinking & endurance!